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Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate

The barrier gates are designed to steer safely to vehicles. Rooms are equipped with blockers and gearmotors are intended for use in Class 5. Barrier function can be controlled by a push button, a keyswitch, magnetic keys, a wireless keyboard code (ref. CLEA) or radio remote control (ref. T1F). barriers feature marks the end of the race, dune and automatic shut-off setting dun power electronics.

Safety of the installation can be completed by ladjonction security cells (ref. I5024) traffic lights (ref. F220F) and dune safety edge. Dune during a power outage, the gates are unlocked help of a key to the smooth maneuvering.

Each barrier is supplied with a control radio, a radio remote control and one with a length of smooth 5.8m (3 to douverture time 6s) (250 cycles).

The central barrier B5.8M works with radio controls (ref. T1F) (ref. T2F) (ref. S3) and (ref. R1T) and wireless keyboards (ref. CLEA), so with Automation Europe remotes and keyboards.

Easy programming remotes zm. Taking a remote T1F and is taken into account by the control center just to add T1F remotes with the same code. It is not limited by the number of remote reference T1F.

Resetting the remote reception is very easy, just press 10 seconds it makes a reset. The remotes are decommissioned.

The plant accepts 2 fixed lights up for one (opening) and another for descent (closure).

The plant already has a telescopic antenna but can be replaced by an antenna (Ref. 433A).

OPTIONS: 1 or more radio control (ref. T1F), 1 radio receiver 1 channel (ref. RB1F), 1 radio antenna (Ref. 433A), 1 wireless keyboard (ref. CLEA), 1 traffic light (ref. F220F), 1 infrared cell (ref. I3024) (ref. I10220) or (ref. I5024), 1 magnetic loop detector (ref. DBM), 1 wired keyboard (ref. SA223B), 1 magnetic key reader ( ref. CLCMN CLNM + + n key CMN), 1 coin token (ref. MAJT), 1 LYRE REST (ref. B5.8ML) BARRIER FOR SMOOTH B5.8M, 1 UPS 1000VA 220Vac (ref. OND1) if power failure.

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