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Drum Filler By Weight

Drum Filler By Weight

The EDF series of weight-controlled filling systems provides accurate filling to the Department of Trade and Industry Standards for containers in the range of 10 to 200 litres and above. Weighing systems integrated with the filling machine are suitable for installation in wash down, hazardous and other hostile environments. Operator safety and efficient fulfillment of production requirements are paramount.

Most suitable for a wide range of liquids that vary widely in viscosity and foaming characteristics. The range includes bung-entry filling for non-foaming products, submerged filling for foaming and hazardous products. Filling can be in single drum or palletised loads, and may incorporate complete drum-handling lines, including depalletising, palletising, debunging, bunging, oversealling, environmental control enclosures, automatic weight checking, computer control, data management, etc.

It is fully microprocessor controlled and contained many sophisticated functions  to fill drums to desired weight accurately and efficiently. Designed to fill directly from supply pump and coupled with pressure regulator that activate near the target weight, it fully ensure a clean and spillage free operation with last drops collected by the automatic drip tray. 

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