About Us

In today’s large-scale business environment, we are always faced with fierce competition, and all kinds of challenges and changes. This is an unavoidable reality. Those who can stand out in this environment and find a breakthrough will emerge as the winners.

As a print and web-based medium for business information, it is our highest goal to fully expand the area of coverage for the dissemination of business information. The advertising medium employed is undoubtedly an integral element when promoting a product. Hence, crucial factors include the dissemination of the product message and the extent of areas covered. At the end of the day, businesspersons view sales volume as their ultimate goal.

At present, INFOPAGES has stepped into its tenth year. With the experience accumulated over the past ten years, we can channel our energies into expanding the territory for the dissemination of business information more effectively. Firstly, our team will continue our strategy of active door-to-door distribution, thoroughly distributing the information throughout small, medium and major industrial areas in Malaysia and main industrial areas in Singapore. Also, we will use courier services for large-scale factories to ensure that the information is delivered to the correct recipients. At the same time, we will also actively participate in high-level business exhibitions in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and so on. Also, it is noteworthy that the INFOPAGES web search function will be upgraded and improved to stay competitive in the market.

Under the 2015 plan, our prime objective is to ensure that our advertisers benefit from our services, and this is determined by how consumers respond these messages. We are confident that the efforts we put in will be equally reflected in consumer responses. To this end, we will continue to uphold our commitment to “provide dedicated, excellent service and forge long-lasting, win-win partnerships”.

We are very grateful for the immense support from our advertisers and consumers over these ten years of efforts. Please continue to support us and allow us to express our gratitude through our efforts. For those who have yet to sign up with us, please know that we are ready to serve you and we eagerly anticipate your participation. Together, we’ll build a better business platform and forge a win-win partnership.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Strengthen our client's business growth and opportunities
  • Maximise the advertising synergy and visibility
  • Create greater usability among business operators
  • Provide higher interaction among market players
  • Continue searching the most comprehensive information to business communities while ensuring data integrity