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EMEC Packaging Solutions Sdn Bhd

PT 13532, Jalan Banting, Pandamaran, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

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Emec Enterprise was established in 1990. We are specializing in Weighing, Filling, Packaging and System Automation in oil and fats industries. In 2001, Emec Enterprise was eventually named as Emec Enterprise Sdn Bhd. 

Our leadership in weighing, filling, packaging and automation technology has maintained and improved on our reputation achieved by providing soundly engineered equipment with fast response, accuracy and reliability which is simple to use, maintain and clean whilst being economical and reliable. We set our sights on the future with our expertise in this technology, strong commitment to research and development keep us at the forefront on domestic and international markets in terms of technological innovations and quality of the products. 

Our satisfaction based on our customers recognition of the quality and strength of our machinery, engaged us to go on with our internal research and with the development of new features which will improve future new series. We are aware of our customers’ demands, to whom we are pleased to offer in our standard machines. 

We possessed the experience and know how both solids and liquid, weighing, filling, packagings, etc to under take to do the complete process from system concept design, process flow configuration, control implementation, software development, hardware design and selection, system simulation, trial run, installation and commissioning with high technical competence and uncompromising standards from a single machine through to integrated systems with single source responsibility. 

Efficiency, improved productivity and innovation are the direct results of both industrial and competitive requirements. Satisfying these needs implies a key point: the “Filling” operation, the filler is at the heart of the whole filling line and the line quality and output depend on it. This strategic position allows our Engineering Division to perform management of the line. 

Our today technology combined with our permanent search for developments assure quality for your products, either liquid or in powder state of a wide range of industries including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. 

Our knowledge in production process of margarine, shortening, coca butter substitute, puff pastry margarine, mayonise, cheese cream, tomato/ chili sauce and other food stuff with local and oversea join R & D on new process, new products e.g. shortening in liquid stage. 

Strong Commitment To Research Development, Design and Engineering
Our rapid progress in the fields of weighing, filling, packaging and automation industry can be attributed to its manufacturing system and importance placed on R & D. our R & D division constantly upgrade our products’ technical level by investigating current high-technology research fields. 

Quality Control Means Close Attention To The Small Details
With our aggressive and maintenance of high quality control standards in manufacturing, we constantly monitor to upgrade our manufacturing process to highly developed technology improved production methods. We employ original technology in the production of the parts we design and build ourselves and naturally these live up to our strick quality control requirement. All parts are very carefully selected to be high standard for performance and durability since quality products depend on quality parts. Total quality control are practiced from the initial production specifications to after-sales checking of product performance in a variety of conditions. 

Constant Training To Upgrade And Perfect Our Skills
We invest on training, retraining and perfecting the skills of all the staff of the Company. Solutions and breakthroughs in high technological and quality levels are constantly monitored so as to upgrade our staff with up-to-date knowledge. Our highly skilled engineers are both factory trained locally and overseas. Join R & D and training enable transfer of technology with valuable experiences in weighing, filling, packaging and automation to be shared amongst staff and subsequently pass the benefits to our customers. 

Large Inventory Of Spare Parts Readily Available
Our machines are designed by engineers and built by craftsmen to provide optimum performance, precision and long-term reliability. Parts will require replacement, and genuine replacement parts offer the same high quality controlled standards that are applied in the manufacture of new machines. This guarantees that every replacement part matches the exact specifications of the parts furnished on your original machine. Our engineers can provide the service of parts change and readjustment so as to maintain your machines with accuracy and continued operation. 

Fast Reliable Service Keeps Our Customer Satisfy
The service a company offers is of the most intangible, but most important aspect as successful marketing never ends when a sale is made. Our complete comprehensive after sales support service and planned preventive maintenance programmes are tailored to meet every special requirement. Our factory trained engineers will advise of potential problems that may lead to future loss of performance or production. We constantly strive for technically excellence, cost efficient, prompt and reliable service so as to maintain your machines efficiently and accurately.

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