ASEAN’s Largest International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technologies Trade Exhibition & Conference 

METALEX 2019 is the largest machine tools and metalworking event in Asean where over 10,000 technologies from 3,300 brands will display state-of-the-art capabilities. Over 100,000 participants will discover next level of manufacturing from launches of 4,000 innovations as well as groundbreaking features including first-in-Asean "SUPER ROBOTS," "METALEX Talks," "100 HOT TECHS," METALEX Conferences, Business Matchmaking, and more.

METALEX will open up spaces for you to let your imagination take flight on how to show off your technologies and build your very own pavilion to let your brand shine and attract buyers to your pavilion. It is never too early to start planning for the best display of your products, the new development of your technologies, the right technicians and staff who will demonstrate the best and make long-lasting impressions on your buyers. While you plan for your pavilion, our year –round international promotional campaign will ensure the success of your participation in the extraordinary edition of METALEX.




20-23 Nov 2019

10:00am - 6:00pm


Bangkok, Thailand.

(+66) 2686 7299

(+66) 2686 7288

News & Updates:

29 Jan 2019