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Lab Labels

Lab Labels

It is important to select labels that are properly engineered for the intended application in your lab. If the labels that you are using are falling off or the print is fading, your laboratory is at a high risk for specimen identification errors.

Choosing the right labels for your lab improves workflow efficiency and productivity by reducing the amount of time, work and money spent on re-labeling or manually verifying samples. Reducing specimen identification errors can prevent having to remake regents or solutions, minimize interpretation errors and lower the risk of being required to repeat an experiment. Even more critical, durable and legible lab labels can improve safety outcomes for your team and patients.

Stay safe and efficient by using CleanMark to label everything in your laboratory. CleanMark manufactures high performance lab labels that remain adhered and legible for your most demanding applications. Our labels are designed to stay secure on tight, curved surfaces such as PCR tubes, petri dishes and vials. We have proven label solutions that minimize particles contaminating your controlled environments and can withstand exposure to chemicals, extreme cold or heat and pressure. If your laboratory has a sterility assurance program, CleanMark offers sterile indicating lab labels for gamma irradiation and dry or steam autoclave processes. 

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