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Overlays And Membrane Switches

Overlays And Membrane Switches

Design your equipment, commercial products or medical devices with high performance graphic overlays. CleanMark overlays are extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, humidity, chemical exposure and prolonged wear and tear. Our overlays can be made custom to your needs thanks to our numerous capabilities in screen printing, digital printing, strong adhesives and finishes as well as laser cutting or window & lense making. Everything from electronics, medical devices and appliances need professional overlays that can withstand harsh treatment. CleanMark works with you to design innovative solutions to not only make your product look great but also function more efficiently. 

Certain overlays need printed circuitry in order to function properly. Very precise printing with special metallic, conductive, or insulating inks can be used to do this. These circuit boards are extremely flexible and thin allowing for optimal space utilization in the design process. Whether you need simple control panels for commercial applications, such as start and stop panel buttons, complex overlays for medical monitoring devices, or even membrane switches for cleanroom equipment, CleanMark can help.

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