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RFID Labels

RFID Labels


Radio Frequency Identification tags, also called RFID labels, smart labels, and RFID chips are electronic tags that use radio waves to transmit data with a tag reader. Industries like hospitals, bio banks, and research laboratories all use RFID capabilities to help improve their precision of data management & tracking. CleanMark RFID labels can be designed to be extremely durable against chemicals, harsh abrasion and extreme temperatures. These labels can often work with thermal transfer printers allowing the printing of sequential numbering, barcodes, QR codes or your own custom in-house printing requirements. This means they can be integrated into a LIMS system providing high tech accuracy and tracking. 

With smart RFID labels, users can track data and resources in real-time; resulting in fewer errors and losses of data and samples. These labels are an investment that greatly increase productivity and throughput of any process they are applied to. Each RFID type supports a different range of frequencies and reading distances, contact one of our label experts for more information.

(1) Active RFID tags that can carry their own power source. They come with a long read range and continuously broadcast their signals.

(2) Passive RFID tags don't carry their own power source. They get power from the tag reader when it comes into reading range. Meaning these labels broadcast their signals only when they come within 

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